Lincoln Court Spotlight: Chelsea’s Tea Room & Boutique

Today we had the exciting opportunity to interview Jackie Andrews, Owner of Chelsea’s Tea Room & Boutique located in the Lincoln Court Shopping Center in Arlington, Texas. Jackie has raved to us about her experience using Groupon to promote her business. She had such positive results, that we asked her to share with us her experience advertising on the “Deal Of The Day” website.

For those of you who aren’t already familiar with Groupon, it is a “deal of the day” website that features deeply discounted deals on the best stores, restaurants, services and activities in your city. By promising businesses a guaranteed minimum number of purchases, Groupon is able to secure unbelievable deals! Sounds like a win-win for both the customer and the business owner!

Q: What products and services do you provide at Chelsea’s Tea Room & Boutique?
• Children’s clothing, gifts and toys
• Princess Dress-up Tea Parties
• Mother Daughter Teas

Q: How long have you been in business?
July 1st 2011 marked 20 years

Q: Who is your typical customer?
New mommies to grand mommies

Q: What forms of advertisement have you found to be most successful in reaching potential customers?
Word of mouth and just recently Groupon

Q: What has been your experience either good or bad with Groupon?
All good. The representatives were very helpful. I really liked the statistics that they give you at the end, average age, gender and location, all helpful marketing tools. For my Tea it was of course young moms, but what I found interesting was how far they were traveling. Frisco, Plano and Southlake were big buyers for the Groupon.

Q: Given Groupon’s premise of providing the consumer with huge discounts, many small business owners may not feel the publicity they receive from Groupon justifies the small profit margin. How were you able to overcome this obstacle?
I think Groupons are best for a service provider. A small profit margin yes, but only if a customer walks in your door. Other forms of advertising has no such guarantee.

Q: Were most of the people who purchased your Groupon voucher old customers excited to receive a deep discount on their favorite product/service or new customers unfamiliar with your business?
I would say both.

Q: As far as the new customers, have any become repeat customers after using Groupon?
Yes. They came in for a Princess Tea and booked for a Birthday Party and Princess Glamour Camp. And it was fun to get the great feedback on our boutique’s selection and great pricing.

Q: What is the process for a small business owner to get their products featured on Groupon?
Groupon’s website has all the information needed.

Q: Is there any advice you would give to a small business owner interested in trying Groupon?
For all service providers… do it. If featuring a product they can put a cap on how many items can be sold.

Are you a small business owner that has also used Groupon to advertise your business? Please leave a comment and tell us your experience.


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