The Lincoln Court Shopping Center located on Little Road where I-20 & Hwy 287 meet in Arlington has found a way to do its part to help jump start the local economy. The small neighborhood shopping center, which consists mainly of mom and pop stores and restaurants, is running a week long promotion entitled “Lincoln Court’s Golden Ticket Sweepstakes,” giving away $500 everyday to one lucky customer. Customers are asked to visit Lincoln Court’s Facebook Page to print their Golden Ticket. The Golden Ticket is to be provided when making a purchase at any participating Lincoln Court store or restaurant. The more times a customer visits the center, the more chances they have to win. The $500 dollars can be spent wherever and however the winner decides.

Lincoln Court’s first Golden Ticket Winner, Mary Hill, a local DFW resident has decided to use a portion of the money for building materials to help build a back house for her elderly parents. Mary says her parents were the main reason she decided to try her luck at the promotion.

When creating the Golden Ticket Sweepstakes, the Owners of Lincoln Court wanted to find a way to help the local businesses within the center to generate sales and new customers. While at the same time, the Owners understood what a struggle it is for many customers to continue shopping and dining in today’s economy. The Golden Ticket Sweepstakes is a win-win for everyone. Businesses are being introduced to a new customer base and local residents are able to receive a chance to win a large cash prize without having to spend much money (there is no minimum purchase requirement to participate in the promotion). At a time when businesses are struggling to keep their doors open and customers have very little extra cash to spare, Lincoln Court has found a way to make both parties a profit.


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