Being A Landlord Means More Than Collecting Rent

Absentee Landlords just concerned with collecting rent are a thing of the past. In today’s economy, the Tenants wear the pants in the marriage between Landlord and Tenant. Tenants can dictate rent, tenant improvement allowances and common area charges. With so much vacancy, Landlords are at the mercy of their Tenants. So Tenants, what has your Landlord done for you lately?
Yes, lower rent is great and exterior improvements are fantastic! But what is your Landlord doing to differentiate his/herself from the rest of the Landlords dying to have you in their building or shopping center? Here is one thing to consider, how is your Landlord helping to ensure your business’ success? Is your Landlord doing the following-
1) In regular communication with you?
2) When visiting the shopping center does he/she purchase your products/services?
3) Does he/she provide useful articles and tips to help with your marketing efforts?
4) Does he/she respond promptly to your concerns or questions?
5) Does he/she help promote your business?
6) Is he/she proactive in improving the appearance of the shopping center to ensure a safe and clean shopping venue for your customers?
If your Landlord isn’t doing ALL of the above and more, it might be time to look elsewhere.

Please share your Landlord experience!

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3 responses to “Being A Landlord Means More Than Collecting Rent

  1. Thanks for the article! Both the Tenant & Landlord must work together to achieve the common goal of sucess. When the Tenant is successful ultimately, the Landlord is successful!

  2. Great article! Thanks for the advice. Times have changed, and so should those landlords! It’s all about communication 🙂

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