Creative Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

In a previous post entitled, “50 Out Of The Box Marketing Ideas,” I provided easy, low-cost marketing ideas that any small business could implement immediately. I am following up on that post with new ideas to help take your marketing goals one step further. It’s time to dig a little deeper and find marketing tips that will set you a part from the rest. Here are a few Creative Marketing Ideas To Beat Out The Competition:

1) Put Your Business On Wheels-Dimples Cupcakes, a local DFW cupcake store has put this concept to great use with their mobile Dimple Express truck. The Dimples Express can be reserved for special events, but also travels throughout DFW providing their customers tasty treats without having to travel to one of their store locations. You don’t have to be a cupcake retailer to implement the same idea. If you’re a dentist, hit the road offering convenient teeth cleaning services. If you’re a doctor, why not have a mobile truck that provides flu shots throughout the local community. Nail salon operators, have a mani and pedi mobile. Own a clothing store, put a fashion show on wheels!

2) Gift Bags-As a small business owner some of your biggest advocates are other local small businesses. It’s time to join forces and resources and begin marketing your products and services together. If you are a part of a shopping center, create a gift bag that contains samples, coupons, brochures, business cards and other marketing items from every business within the center. Each business will distribute the gift bags to their clients/customers. What a great way to cross-promote to potential customers that already frequent the shopping center. The same concept can also be applied to doctors in medical offices;

3) Pop-Up Store-With so many shopping center vacancies, Landlords are eager to fill their space even on a temporary basis, why not take advantage of this opportunity by using vacant space to host a launch party allowing your top 100 customers to preview your new products. Artists can open a temporary art gallery to spread awareness about their work. You can also open a Pop-Store for the holidays, to hold classes and clinics or to test an area before opening a permanent location;

4) Give Your Customers The “WOW Factor”-It’s time to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations. So you give great customer service and you know all of your customers by name, but what differentiates you from your competition? It’s the WOW Factor that will catapult you past your competition, causing you to have loyal customers. Here are examples of the WOW Factor- if your pizza parlor surprise an unexpecting customer by personally delivering a FREE large pizza NOT to their home, but to their office or their child’s soccer game. If you own a shoe store, mail a FREE pair of your latest shoes to an unsuspecting customer with a note saying, “just got these in and immediately thought of you!” If you own a cupcake shop send a dozen FREE cupcakes to the class of one of your customer’s kids. Own a flower store,why not send your favorite customer not just an arrangement for their birthday, but an arrangement everyday during their birthday month? The point of the WOW Factor is to make your customers feel special, by not just providing the ordinary but the extraordinary!

Do you have great marketing ideas that will leave your competition in the dust? We want to hear from you, please leave us a comment!

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One response to “Creative Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

  1. Way out of the box! Brilliant ideas. Thanks for kick starting the creative juices in us.

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