How To Get Your Website Seen By Millions

Are you a small business that has recently launched a new website to showcase your products to the world, but it seems no one is listening? It may be that no one knows your website exists. Here are 5 Ways To Help Get Your Website Seen By Millions:
1) Get your website to the top of search engines. Research has shown that when looking for something most people turn to the internet to find the answer. According to ComScore, Americans conducted 13 billion searches on Google in April 2009 alone. How many of those searches were related to your products or services? If you aren’t being found on Google or other top search engines, you may be losing out on hundreds of potential customers.
2) Stop focusing on your website’s appearance and start focusing on its content. Ensure that your website is providing your customers with detailed and concise information concerning your products and services. Include photos, customer testimonials, detailed descriptions, a blog or video demonstrations;
3) Link and distribute your website’s content to other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook;
4) Notify your website’s readers when your website has been updated with new info by allowing your readers to subscribe to your website either via email or an RSS (“really simple syndication) feeder;
5) Promote your website address on all your marketing material including your business cards, letterhead, receipts, invoices, window signs and email signature block.
We recently launched a website for the Lincoln Court Shopping Center implementing the above-mentioned tips. We are always here to answer any questions or provide additional assistance to help get you and your website started!
Please let us know if you have any helpful tips for getting your website seen by potential customers!


One response to “How To Get Your Website Seen By Millions

  1. For most getting your website seen can be a little overwhelming. I’ve found Halligan & Shah’s Inbound Marketing book to be extremely helpful for those without a web design or marketing background. Good luck everyone!

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