15 Ways To Stay Positive & Optimistic During A Recession

Is the economy starting to take its toll on you? Tired of seeing “for sale” and “out of business” signs everywhere you turn? Overwhelmed by constant stories of job loss and despair? We are all in the same boat! However, some of us have managed to find ways to remain optimistic even when all hope seems to be lost. Here are a few suggestions on ways to help you stay positive and find happiness even in the midst of uncertainty:

1) Listen to your favorite song on the way to work. Turn the music up and rock out;
2) Take time to focus on the positives in your life (family, friends, your health, etc);
3) Listen to motivational tapes to help promote positive thoughts;
4) Refrain from participating in negative conversations;
5) Try to only associate yourself with positive people;
6) Take a mini vacation;
7) Schedule a massage or spa treatment;
8 ) Incorporate exercise into your daily routine;
9) Take a minute out of your day to meditate or pray;
10) Post positive/inspirational quotes throughout your workspace or home;
11) Take time to do something that makes you happy (painting, drawing, writing poetry, playing with your kids, shopping,playing golf, cooking, etc)
12) When things get too overwhelming walk away; literally get up and go for a walk to clear your head;
13) Focus on what you can change in your life, and let the things you can’t change go;
14) Become a volunteer at your local homeless shelter;
15) Set concrete and achievable goals that will help improve your current situation.

We would love to hear from you! Please let us know what tips you have for staying positive!


2 responses to “15 Ways To Stay Positive & Optimistic During A Recession

  1. Great advice! Thanks so much for the tips!

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