Texas Is The Place Everyone Wants to Be

I recently came across an article on CNNMoney.com, which reports that three cities in Texas were among the fastest growing places in 2009. Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston gained the most new residents, netting more than 140,000 each. Austin was not too far behind, coming in with the second highest growth rate among top cities-3.1%_ just behind Raleigh, NC. The article sites several reasons for the population growth including, “Texas’ diversified economy, smaller run-ups in housing prices and fewer foreclosures”. As a result of the population boom, Texas is projected to receive a larger amount of federal funds as well as gain at least three more congressional seats.

So what does the population boom mean for businesses in Texas?
1) A larger employment pool for businesses to choose from;
2) Additional federal funds being poured into the state that can help fund small business incentive programs;
3) New potential customers to market your products and services to.

Why not take advantage of this great opportunity? The Landlords of Lincoln Court are always here to help you achieve your business goals!


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