Jobs are coming to Texas-Let the good times roll!

There might be light at the end of the tunnel for the Texas economy. While job loss is plaguing most of the country, The Dallas Business Journal has just reported 30,300 new jobs were created in Texas in January alone. In addition, the DFW area was ranked as the 3rd best market in 2009 for companies wanting to either expand or build new corporate facilities. So what does this mean for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in Texas? Now is the time to put your business plan into action! Money is starting to be poured back into the local economy. However, current rental rates and vendor costs are still low. Why not be a head of the pack and start achieving your business goals today!

Are you a small business in the DFW area, what is your take on the local economy?


4 responses to “Jobs are coming to Texas-Let the good times roll!

  1. I e began attending a new local church that is pretty awesome and hopefully God will reveal what roll I will play in this new environment. Business Market

  2. Aspiring Designer

    Im very excited to see the Texas economy turning around. I currently design vintage accessories from home and would love to open my own store one day. What are your suggestions for getting started?

    • I would start with creating a concrete business plan (that includes a vision statement, economic assessment, cash flow assessment and a business profile). Does anyone else have any other suggestions for starting a business?

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