Shopping Center tenants in Arlington, TX can learn from Van Halen

I just read a fantastic article in Fast Company about David Lee Roth, the lead singer of Van Halen, and his band’s meticulous systems that prevented technical problems while on stage performing during concerts.

In its touring contract, Article 126 required a bowl of M&Ms backstage with the caveat that all brown ones shall be removed.  When Van Halen would arrive at the venue, Roth would check backstage for the bowl first and secondly for brown M&Ms.  If he found brown ones, he demanded a complete check of the entire production because he knew they did not read the contract completely.  This would potentially lead to technical problems while on stage and he wanted a way to anticipate potential errors ahead of time.

As a shopping center tenant in Arlington, TX, you too should devise a method to prevent problems and anticipate them.  It will be too demanding of you to be there at the business at all times.  However, with a system in place, you can be assured that in your absence things will run smoothly.


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