How to create a brand for yourself and your business

A dear friend of mine, Tim O’Brien, runs a program called Rainmaker U in Southern California.  The program focuses on teaching professionals on how to position themselves as The Person to See within their industry by helping them create a compeling personal brand.  I went through four years of the program and learned all aspects of personal branding.   Whether I’m buying groceries or negotiating a contract, I am now conscious of my brand at all times.  One key exercise that helped me create my personal brand was to list “My Standards for Success.”  I will list mine herein:

I take risk – always;

I will never stop learning;

I will give of myself;

I will coach and train others;

I will be patient with those that I don’t agree with;

I will forgive;

I will accept change – change is good;

24/7 I conduct myself according to my Standards.  There is never any hesitancy and doubt about my choice of actions.  Have you thought through your standards?  Take 30 minutes and write your Standards for Success and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it will help you with your everyday decisions.  Overtime it becomes part of you and you begin to build your personal brand.


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